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The Drymades Inn resort takes pride in providing our guests with an excellent hotel experience. See what our clients are saying about us.
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It's the little things that make people want to come back to your hotel. Anything we requested was given to us in a moment's notice. Your hotel will be the first on my list any time we need meeting or sleeping rooms in the future. Everyone that attended the meeting said how wonderful the meeting room, food and sleeping rooms were, which in turn made my job a whole lot easier.

Blendi Fevziu

Everything was ready for us and certainly exceeded our expectations.

Olta Gixhari

The rooms were perfect, and the customer service was outstanding. Thanks for making our group outing flawless.

Olti Curri



Our thirty guest rooms are located in charming wood cottages, immersed under the shade of olive trees.

conference room

The glass facade provides a scenic coastal view, while the bar radiates in the warm light of the sunset over the sea.


If you only come once you will never want to leave because Drymades Inn is the only choice without compromises.

years experience

Drymades Inn is the oldest resort in Dhërmi village.